Thursday, 25 May 2017

Regional Day

I had a fabulous day at The Quilters Guild Regional Day for Region 12 in Llanybie last Month.
I got to catch up with lots of old friends.
One of our own members gave a talk on her Quilting Life in the morning. I was amazed by the quilting stories Gwen told us.

Gwen is a big fan of quilt swaps.
The above quilt was a Redwork Swap.

And another Swap Quilt

One of two Bottle Swap Quilts

Second Bottle Swap Quilt 

A Quilt from Gwen's childhood.
Probably made by her Mamgu  (Grandmother)

One of Gwen's early works
a fine piece of Crochet work

The first piece of work Gwen ever put into her local Quilt Group Exhibition 

Another of the Quilts from Gwen's childhood.

In the afternoon our speaker was Sandie Lush
Who shared with us a selection of her beautiful Hand Quilted Quilts 

Of course my favourite was this Welsh one.

All in all a good advert for

Thank you and well done to all involved in that day.

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